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Trust the professionals at JMS Estate Planning Services, Inc. to provide assistance in creating the proper estate plan for you. The chart below illustrates how a living trust enables you to maintain control of your assets should incapacity occur, and distributes your assets upon death without the necessity of the probate court process.

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Estate Planning Comparison Chart


With no Will

With a Will

With a Living Trust


Court Control/Probate

  • Court appoints conservator/ guardian who oversees your care
  • Must keep detailed Records & Reports for the Court
  • Court controls all your finances and assets
  • Court approves all expenses

Court Control/Probate

  • Same as with no Will

No Probate

  • Affairs managed by your back-up Trustee
  • Follows your instructions for as long as necessary

Court Costs

You pay all Court costs, legal fees

Same as no Will.




  • Court orders debts paid and possessions distributed (according to state law)
  • This may not be done in a way consistent with your wishes

Court Control/Probate

  • After verifying Will, Court orders debts paid and possessions distributed according to Will

No Probate 

  • Debts paid and possessions immediately distributed to beneficiaries

Court Costs

  • Your Estate pays all Court costs and legal fees
  • Typically 3-8% of gross value of your Estate
  • Higher if more than 1 State is involved

Same as no Will



1-2 years or more before heirs can inherit

Same as no Will

  • Typically a few months for larger Estates
  • 4-6 weeks for smaller ones


Flexibility and Control


  • Property controlled & distributed by Probate Court according to State Law
  • Easy to contest


  • You can change Will at any time
  • Can be easily contested
  • No control over Probate costs or delays

Total Flexibility

  • You can change/discontinue Trust anytime
  • Property remains under total control of Trust
  • Hard to contest

Your Privacy

No Privacy

  • Probate proceedings are public record
  • Exposes family to unscrupulous solicitations, greedy heirs, nosey neighbors

No Privacy
Same as with no Will.

Total Privacy

  • No Probate
  • Living Trusts are not public record